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DIN 963 - Slotted countersunk head screws

In this article, you will read about DIN 963 double-sided machine screws.

Cylindrical head screw on both sides is a machine screw, which means that this screw is used for machine building, which means that this screw is often used in metal connections. The diameter of M1 to M20 is included in the standard, and the designer can do his industrial design based on this. Cylindrical screws on both sides are made of iron and alloy steels such as 4.8, 5.8, A2, A4 and are used. The double-sided screw is used in places where a smooth surface is required after the screw is closed. The two-sided red head screw is used with non-stainless steel alloy with cold galvanized or dichromate coating. These screws are widely used in household appliances, computer devices, etc.

Technical and important issues in buying two-sided DIN 963 machine screws

DIN 963 is currently recognized by the DIN EN ISO 2009 standard in technical documents and we have used the term DIN 963 in the naming of this screw because it is widely used in the market. Standards similar to this screw ISO 2009; CSN 021151; PN 82207; UNI 6109; In addition to this standard, you can use these alternatives. This screw is usually produced from carbon steel materials of grades 4.8, 5.8 and from stainless steel A2, A4 and reaches the consumer. If it is used in a wet place, it is better to use stainless steel alloy or use galvanized coating for steel alloys. Tensile testing of this screw can be done if needed, and you can send your sample to the laboratory with your order before purchasing. In this standard, the test is not so important and you can buy it without doing the test. Screws are generally used for precision work.

The production method of DIN 963 double-sided machine screws

The production of this screw is done fully automatically by a cold forging machine. First, the iron coil is mounted on the reel of the machine, and after straightening and possibly stretching the wire to size before threading, it is ready to be cut and forged. After the cold forging of the screw is done, it is threaded and then Being non-stainless steel, the screw is cold plated. A sample is taken from the output tank of the screw production machine by cold forging method for testing and the necessary tests are performed on the sample. After testing the product, they package it and send it to the market.

Applications of DIN 963 double-sided machine screws

This screw is used in many industries and is mostly designed for metal structures. DIN 963 is designed with so many technical considerations that it is seen everywhere. This screw is widely used in machine building. Of course, we must keep in mind that this is a metric standard and is generally used with metric standard parts and is generally designed for metal structures. It is used in general and industrial and automotive devices rather than household appliances and light and heavy devices. Doso double screw is designed in different dimensions to produce many devices.

Nuts and washers suitable for DIN 963 double-sided machine screws

Nuts and washers are used with cylindrical screws in metric form, and any kind of nut is closed with metric standard. Spring washers and flat washers are also used in this type of screw, although on the nut side. It is mostly threaded on the part and this screw is mostly used without nuts. But you can also use this screw with a nut.

Engineering dimensions of DIN 963 double-sided machine screws

Among the suitable technical information for the buyers of DIN 963 two-sided machine screws is the dimensional and physical information of this screw, which you can use during industrial design or purchase.